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"We are all born with wings, but sometimes the haters, the bullying and even well-meaning adults keep us grounded. Yet we are meant to soar. You are meant to fly high with gifts only you possess. The sky is big enough and is waiting for you!" - Alisha


Alisha is a dynamic motivational speaker, and her mission is to uplift and remind the lost, lonely and left out, especially youth and women of color, that their unique stories are needed and their futures are limitless despite any current circumstances. She mixes storytelling about vulnerable accomplishments and trials with other mediums, such as song and spoken word, to elevate confidence, resilience,  togetherness and paying it forward. 

Motivational Topics


Owning Individuality


Maximizing Your Moment

Navigating Bullies, Haters & Naysayers

Shattering Glass Ceilings and More

Experience + Creativity + Storytelling + Excellence = RESULTS


Workshops & Consulting

With professional and lived experience as well as a commitment to community and learning from one another, Alisha helps state agencies, nonprofits, schools, communities, businesses, politicians, entrepreneurs and others thrive with workshops and/or consulting with needed elements for growth and success. 

NEW You Alone Are Enough

Participants learn how to use writing and their voice to heal, quench imposter syndrome, tackle insecurities and elevate.

Parts 2 Whole: Strategic Communications

Participants learn the ingredients to building a strategic communications plan to increase visibility, clients and impact.

Start with the Why: The Power of Storytelling

An interactive workshop that shares the tools of storytelling to engage, market, teach, inspire and communicate effectively. 

Important for Everyone Everywhere: Be a JEDI

Helping organizations to become anti-racist takes understanding Justice, Equity Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI) isn't just a trend. This workshop shows it takes a true commitment. 


Communications & Marketing

An array of quality and creative marketing, communications and public relations services to not only stand out in the crowd of commercials, advertisement and posts, but also reach the right people the right way. Services include:

  • Media Relations

  • Reputation Management

  • Social Media Strategy

  • Crisis Communications

  • Speech Development

  • Graphics & Advertising Collateral

  • Photography & Website Content

  • Branding Elevation

  • Event/Project Coordination

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